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Serge Skiba

Cornelius, NC


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A love for the natural world led me to my recent passion, photography. No matter what I did in life it always included being outside. Mountain biking, trail running, hiking, triathlons, and now Whitewater Kayaking are hobbies I enjoy when I am not chasing a setting sun over a mountain ridge, or waking up in the still of the night only to witness and welcome the new day as the sun appeared on the horizon. All of these experiences are what made me want to capture those moments. I could not keep these experiences to myself, I wanted to share them with others. The sunrises, sunsets, awe inspiring vistas on a mountain top are all things I would normally experience while many are not able to.

My passion for photography is an extension and a representation of who I am, an explorer. Photography has opened my eyes to a new world, a world of travel, exploration, and a new found appreciation for our natural resources. My hope is that the images I capture inspires others to learn and appreciate nature.

Not only do I love Landscape photography, I also love to capture sports action since I am an avid outdoorsman. I have photographed various sporting events such as the Winter X Games in Aspen, Co, The Green River Narrows International Kayak competition, and the World Freestyle Playboat Kayak Competiation, and photographing horse shows.

In addition, I dabble a little bit in local concert photography as well. My other passion is music so it is a perfect fit to mix photography with music.

So get out and explore your world. What is at your door step that you never knew about? visit a national park, state park, or nature preserve. these are all things very accessible to all of us. Lets take advantage of it.

For only doing photography for 2 years I have so many places I'd love to visit and share with everyone. Please browse my gallery and feel free to leave a comment. Works are available for purchase as well. :)


Charlotte winter skyline by Serge Skiba


Rushing River by Serge Skiba


Glaciers at North Cascades by Serge Skiba


North Cascades National Park by Serge Skiba


Fiery Lake Norman Sunset by Serge Skiba


Amazing Grand Teton National Park by Serge Skiba


Edisto Island Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Angel Oak by Serge Skiba


Roan Mountain Sunset by Serge Skiba


Upper Catabwa Falls by Serge Skiba


Uptown Charlotte Rush Hour by Serge Skiba


Cowee Mountains Sunset 2 by Serge Skiba


Dramatic Charlotte Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Schwabacher Landing Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Colorful Havasupai hike by Serge Skiba


Havasupai Desert Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Grand Teton Fox by Serge Skiba


Grand Teton National Park Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Jackson Hole, Wyoming Winter by Serge Skiba


Tiger Cub by Serge Skiba


Charlotte reflection at night by Serge Skiba


Amazing colors of Charlotte by Serge Skiba


Colorful Charlotte, North Carolina Skyline by Serge Skiba


Charlotte, North Carolina Winter Sunset by Serge Skiba


Canadian Northern Lights by Serge Skiba


Soco Falls by Serge Skiba


Summer Roan Mountain Bloom by Serge Skiba


Dramatic Grand Teton Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Breatthtaking Blue ridge Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Roan Mountain Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Charlotte Skyline by Serge Skiba


Appalachian Sunrise by Serge Skiba


Grassy Ridge Rhododendron Bloom by Serge Skiba


Blue Ridge Valley Of Clouds by Serge Skiba


Lake Jocassee Sunset by Serge Skiba


High On The Mountain by Serge Skiba


Breathtaking Blue Ridge Sunset 3 by Serge Skiba


Breathtaking Blue Ridge Sunset by Serge Skiba


Tidal Beach by Serge Skiba


Charlotte Skyline 4 by Serge Skiba


Charlotte Skyline 3 by Serge Skiba


Charlotte Skyline 2 by Serge Skiba


Charlotte Skyline by Serge Skiba


Hawksbill Views by Serge Skiba


Mountain Sunset in Tennessee by Serge Skiba


Sunset on the Ridges by Serge Skiba


Charlotte Rush Hour 2 by Serge Skiba


Charlotte Rush Hour by Serge Skiba